Buzzer Beater

It’s nice just to be outside and on the water with friends. Better than a good day at work.

Two hours into your two hour and fifteen minute fishing window you’d started in on the conciliatory platitudes.

No one bats 1000, you’d told yourself.

It’s an honor just to be nominated.

Tough conditions.

And you’d damn near talked yourself into it too. You almost got yourself to believe that an unvarnished skunking, wasn’t so bad, that it wouldn’t rankle until your next time out, that it wasn’t like finding coal in your Christmas stocking.

But then, just as you were about out of chances, the conversation in your head went quite, the backdrop fell away, and the world resolved itself into into a single, simple bug… which disappeared into a hole in the water.

Cue the band and drop the confetti.

What a difference a fish makes.

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  1. That was a pleasure to read, and painted the exact picture I see quite often.

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