The Tailgate Chronicles

It’s not the where the meat of the adventure takes place, but it’s often where it begins or ends. The tailgate. A launch pad and a landing zone. Gear is organized and prepared for what lies ahead. Waders or boots are pulled off upon return and exchanged for sandals and loose sneakers.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It serves as a point of transition. Slam it shut and you’re off, striding towards new water or in the footsteps of canines whose noses run high scenting for game. Hopes run high as preparation is turned into reality.SBB_7820

Upon return, whether brimming with enthusiasm garnered from a pack full of meat or a much needed respite from a day getting beat down by the elements, it awaits. SBB_2099Serving as a place to lie your head for the night or the perfect spot to hang your feet while sipping a cold beer, it is an ideal second home. SBB_3830It’s also the place where the days events are retold. Gentle ribbing for our follies and building up each others triumphs. So often it’s the tailgate that tells a great deal of the story.Miracle Mile, North Platte

4 Comments on “The Tailgate Chronicles

  1. Great pictures. I especially love it when you guys include your kids. I his hoodie from Molehill? That was the company I started before Fincognito and it looks really familiar.

    • Thanks Doug! I checked and the hoody is not from Molehill, sorry. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  2. It always baffles me that my non hunting/fishing/outdoor friends don’t understand our attachment to our trucks. I bought my current truck new in 2005, not only did my son come home from the hospital in in, the cap provided cover for our first camping trip, it’s where we strung up rods while he is learning to fly fish, it was also home base for all our hunting trips.

    She has 200,000 on the odometer, and a little rust around the wheel wells, but ultimately maybe that’s the attachment, she reminds me of me!

    She’s not going anywhere soon, my son and I have a lot more of everything to do…

    • Sounds like a good rig and lots of great memories for sure! Thanks for sharing and I hope you get several more good yours out of your truck and have many more great adventures with your family.

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