Fight the power!

Legal shooting light is an hour earlier than it was a week ago. For those keeping score at home, that sets the average elk hunter’s alarm clock somewhere between 3:30 and 4 a.m.

Meanwhile an hour of fishable post-work sunlight just got lopped-off your afternoons.

Congress has given us plenty of cause for concern in recent years. Between moves to divest of public land, attacks on the EPA, starvation of the land and water conservation fund, and willful denial of climate science, a conspiracy-minded citizen might wonder whether they were trying to put an end to our American outdoor traditions altogether.

I realize now, though, that the legislative chicanery has all been an elaborate red herring designed to distract us from the masterstroke. While we’ve been worrying about habitat, wildlife and access, the guvmint has been busy manipulating time itself to keep us placidly couch-bound.

As sportsmen and -women, it’s incumbent on us to repel any and every such fiendish conspiracy. We have to fight the power!

If that means forgoing sleep, embracing the alpine start, and fishing in the dark, so be it.

Who’s with me?





2 Comments on “Fight the power!

  1. Did enough of that alpine climbing and elk and waterfowl hunting. That’s why I hunt upland birds now. Crack of noon starts!

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