Carpon: The Aquatic Liger

Carpon- A hybrid of a Carp and Tarpon

The Carpon is an exceedingly rare species of fish that has never been seen by humans. Inhabiting lakes and rivers form Minnesota to Montana, the Carpon exhibits several unique life histories. It is unknown when the first hybridization occurred but some individuals are anadromous while others are fluvial or adfluvial. Adults reach sizes up to three feet long and weigh up to twenty pounds. They are opportunistic feeders.

A used twelve gauge shell flailed wildly at the water, tied to hefty stick with 1/8th inch parachute cord, gives you the most likely chance of enticing a bite. My son knows this from experience. He has become the country’s formost expert in Carpon and has taken to pursuing them exclusively. Like anyone on the forefront of chasing a new species, he employs great patience. He is continually refining his methods, picking up on subtle clues, and getting closer to cracking the code.

He’s seen flashes, had several bumps and appears closer to a solid hookup with every outing. Fishing large rivers just as the water drops after runoff has produced the most action. Red shotgun casings entice more aggressive strikes than any other color. “Them fish like to eat bullets’s” my son has deduced.

We’ll keep you posted on the progress as he pursues this elusive creature.



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