A Closer Look


My motions are fast. Thoughts of work, family, the next fish or any number of other distractions cloud my mind. I barely see the big picture, let alone the details.Close up of a drake mallard duck speculum.Small, unheralded details provide the texture for our world. Each nick on a shotgun has it’s own story. Every feather on a bird, or spot on a fish possesses a unique beauty all it’s own.

SBB_3494Taking a deep breath, I work to clear my mind. Standing in calf deep water I pause to watch the bubbles dance around my wading boots. For a moment I’m able to take a closer look.Close up of a Rainbow Trout, Big Horn River, Thermopolis, Wyoming

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  1. Thank you guys for changing the perspective… regularly! Staying fresh (not just in your waders) is so appreciated by your fans. Your content – blog posts and images – does that.

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