A Worthwhile Detour

Coffee coursed through my veins. My trap was running well above the speed limit. “SHEEP” yelled my buddy from the passenger seat, just in time for me to step on the breaks and avoid a ewe and lamb big horn crossing the highway. It was an unusual sighting, but that hardly registered at the time.

70 miles from home we were delivering parts to fix my wife’s car, so she could get home from what had become nearly a week long work trip. Our initial hunting plans had been canceled when the car broke down the night before. But the change gave us an opportunity to check out some new country on the drive home.

Excited to fact check rumors of birds in the area, we turned off the pavement. Only a couple of miles later our hopes of glory were dashed by fine print. The entire area was closed to human presence during the winter months to protect big game winter range. This meant the birds were also safe.

After over 150 miles of driving we found ourselves back close to home. A few hours remained in the day and we planned to use it. We found birds but they got the best of us. Tired and content we returned to the truck, sweat on our backs cooled as the sun dipped behind the horizon. Dogs curled up in their kennels, picking ice form their paws. Sipping icy beers on the tailgate we were more that satisfied.

*Unsolicited advice: Keep cold beers in the truck and despite whatever else occurs the final sentence will prove true (enjoy responsibly).



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  1. There is no better place to enjoy a cold one than on the tailgate of a pickup at the end of a sporting day. Absolutely none. But limit it to one, my friends, and live to fish/hunt/whatever another day. Cheers!

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