Have a Little Fun Along The Way

With all of our talk of focus, attention to detail,  reverence and reflection, our chosen pursuits may sometimes be mistaken for solemn, sacred endeavors. I can get on that bandwagon, heck often times I’m leading the charge. But at it’s core, we better be having some fun along the way.

SBB_8697Laugh with your friends and at yourself.

SBB_2700Follow the lead of our canine companions.

SBB_9432Look to the kids around us for a dose of levity.

Life’s to short not to enjoy it. If we are lucky enough to find ourselves hunting, fishing, and spending time afield with family and friends, well let’s call it what it is. Lucky. Hard work, persistence, and perseverance can all yield their own rewards, but it’s also ok to simply have a good time.

2 Comments on “Have a Little Fun Along The Way

  1. Hey STS: I really appreciate that you including the kids in your posts. After 18 years of making a line of outdoor children’s clothing (Molehill Mountain Equipment) it does my heart good to see families experiencing the outdoors together. You are building the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts one at a time.

    And you never know what might happen…you might just create a fishing buddy. My son learned to fly fish and at 7 could cast, set and land by himself. Now at 18 he is the equal of any of the men I’ve been fishing with for years.

    Keep up the great work. I love your blog and look forward to seeing more of your great kid photos.

    • Doug, thanks so much for the kind words. Great to hear you and your son fish a bunch together and cool to hear about Molehill as well. Folks like you have set the stage for us, we’ll try and hold up our end of the bargain.

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