I love It When A Plan Comes Together

“So…there is something I haven’t told you yet” I said to my buddy as we made last minute arrangements for an out of state bird hunt.

“Uh…all right lets’s hear it.”

“Well…I’m bringing Grady.”


“Not for the whole trip,” I pressed on. “We are going to rendezvous with my Dad in Montana and drop him off so he can hang with the Grandparents while we hunt.”

While not as bold as tossing a crib into the wall tent, I felt bad for sandbagging my friend with a full-on family style  road-trip,  complete with a screaming, complaining, demanding (though in his defense mostly well mannered) three year old in the backseat. But the die was cast, and it helped make for an awesome hunt.

The report card on the trip to grandma and grandpa’s came back with an A+. My wife and five year old daughter had a restful lady’s week with my visiting mother-in-law. The dogs and I chased ditch parrots in Big Sky Country for four days. Wins all around.

I’d love to claim credit for a beautifully executed, premeditated plan, but that would be disingenuous.  Mostly I wanted to to go hunting, and in the course of getting after it, everything just sort of came together. By my estimation, everything turned out perfectly. And I’m almost certain all those roosters will help my buddy forgive and forget… eventually.


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