The Pretty Ones

First we want to catch a fish. Next we want a lot of fish. Then we want to land the fish.

prettyonesFirst we want to catch a fish. Next we want a lot of fish. Then we want to land the fish. Though our brains understand when the Buddha teaches that desire is the root of suffering, none of our hearts are immune to the angler’s progression. The wisest among us, given the gifts of time and sated appetites, may move beyond it to an idealized space of simple pleasures, but we will each travel the road marked “better” all the same. And no matter how far we go, we will return.

Because, God willing, there will always be the pretty ones. Maybe for you it’s the big ones, the rare ones, or the new ones. But whatever your personal flavor of weakness, it’s lurking around the next bend, waiting to steal your breath, stop your heart and hijack your desire.

Maybe there’s satisfaction in the next life. Until then, I’ll keep doing the best I can in this one… and maybe take just a few more casts while I’m here.


6 Comments on “The Pretty Ones

  1. Bravo! There appears to be no antidote to this affliction, nor do I hope to find one.

  2. Excellent thoughts Matt. The great thing about our avocation is that with some care for our health and bodies we can do it far longer than many other sports, we can do it alone or with a friend or loved one, and we can decide for ourselves how many casts are enough. As we progress through the stages of fishing, the wisest among us eventually figure out that it is the journey and not the quarry, making every time out worthy of our attention. It is a gift to love every minute fishing, so I hope all who deserve it learn that sooner rather than later.

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