Headlights In The Night

The world narrows in a beam of headlights. Gravel is churned up behind us as the two track races by. A jackrabbit darts momentarily across the road. Veering into the light, a sage grouse arches it’s massive wings and miraculously averts impact.

Inside the cab top 40 hits are blaring on the radio. The beat is loud and clear but the lyrics are barely audible over the voices of men. A verse behind, we sing along with the enthusiasm of teenagers at a Katie Perry concert.

Brake lights illuminate the night as the truck comes to a halt. Dust settles all around. Cold desert air envelopes us as our boots collide with dirt and sage. Doors open, we leave the music on. Pop music is replaced by old school country and we let the milky way share the stage with running lights.

At night the desert is home to the trickster. Tonight we invade his territory. At dawn we will light the stove and train our optics across the vast landscape looking for pronghorn. But for the moment we soak in the stars and wait for the moon to rise.


4 Comments on “Headlights In The Night

  1. Beautiful.This is the essence, the start of the sentence, the meat of the thought that will fill in nicely with this kind of sensitiveness. As I aged, I found I no longer had a desire to put the period at the end of the sentence, thats me, only me. I may well take up the pen again, putting that mark at the end. For now, the crafting is all I want, and need. Greet the dawn on your belly and say hello to the Sage for me.

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