The Dean: A Trout Fisherman’s Exercise In Patience

Almost imperceptible streaks of water seep through jacket cuffs, working their way up my arms. With every sweep it creeps just a tad farther. Squinting through drops of rain on my sunglasses I aim another cast to where tree line meets a cloudy mist. The fly hits the water and I strive to maintain focus.


Photos by Steven Brutger

Confidence is key, but after several days without touching a fish it is hard to hold onto. I feel a slight bump. I wonder if it was the soft peck of a steelhead or just a rock. Treating it as if it was the former I back up, then swing again. Back up again, change flies, swing again. Keep swinging. Intellectually I know its a numbers game, combined with luck. Keep your bug in the water long enough and eventually you will connect.

SBB_4176Then it happens. This time it’s unmistakable. The line comes tight with a heavy weight. A brief pause. Then line is screaming off the reel. The stars align and a few minutes later I find myself kneeling in glacial water cradling a fish that is pure muscle. We touch briefly and look calmly into each others eyes. The waiting is worth it.


5 Comments on “The Dean: A Trout Fisherman’s Exercise In Patience

  1. It seems like a lifetime ago that we were there yet only 30 days ago we were swinging flies and getting takes!. The Dean was easily the best trip of my angling career, bar none! Thanks for making my day, Steven. RH

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