Guarded Secrets

An 800 foot descent, that is more like a free fall, leads to a stream narrower than my desk. It might get fished a handful of times per year. Nearby the Green sees more traffic in a day than this creek might see in a decade. But it’s position is what makes it special.

Photos by Steven Brutger

Photos by Steven Brutger

In every bend, resides a Colorado River cutthroat enjoying his native home, just as he has for centuries. Eager to take a fly and bursting with color, the fish are healthy and plentiful. My three weight is in heaven.SBB_1367

With the sun dipping to the West, I squint into it and ponder the climb out. The hike back to the truck accentuates how out of shape I am, but the workout makes the ice cold beer in the cooler taste that much better. The tough terrain, rarely visited by humans, also reminds me why these trout are doing so well.



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  1. Very cool. Same quality experience available with our remote brookie streams here in North Georgia.

  2. The kids and I fished the lower section by the end of the two track this weekend. Caught a few and got my daughter hooked on fly fishing because she would hide low in the grass by the little holes and watch the fish take the flys from just a few yards away. We managed to hook her a couple as well.

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