Bait Fish

Bait Fish (n) – An individual animal from any of the numerous small coastal ichthyological species (typically of the taxonomical class Osteichthyes) which when netted early (often on the first furtive stab) of a lengthy expedition induces in its captor a certain wide-eyed wonder, chest puffing strut, and incessant retelling of conquest. The name is believed to derive from the fish’s behavior, specifically its tendency to lure small boys into charging ocean surf, energetically and with little thought to their own wellbeing, armed only with flimsy aquarium nets. Repeated exposure can result in unbroken days of manic pursuit.  These crafty fish are mistakenly disregarded as a non-game a species by most “mature sportsmen”.

2 Comments on “Bait Fish

  1. Ah, baitfish! I hunted them from the deck of my flats boat, and a successful toss of the cast net was sweet victory indeed. My boys hunted them with my bait nets and later with drag nets in the surf with gleeful success in the gulf surf. Now my Chesapeake Bay Retriever hunts, chases, and catches and eats minnows in the pools of water left when the generation release subsides leaving isolated, shallow stands of water on the lower bank on the Tailwater I live on. Worthy denizen, indeed! One wonders if these creatures are the subject of potential excitement, satisfaction, and disappointment in the tiny minds of their piscine predators or if they are just another mindless stab at a meal.

  2. It’s true, there’s nothing quite so graceful as a well thrown cast net (though I can’t claim that ability myself). Who knows what the truth is, but I sure like to think of fish getting a thrill on sight of their prey.
    Thanks for weighing in as always Ralph!

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