Don’t Write off Texas

It’s the second largest state in the union, yet contains only two percent public land. High fences abound and expensive private leases are often required to hunt or fish, making it easy to write off Texas as a destination for the average sportsmen. However this winter my eyes were opened to another side of the Lone Star state.

Photos by Steven Brutger

Photos by Steven Brutger

At roughly 130 miles long by 20 miles wide the Laguna Madre is a lagoon ecosystem containing a flats system that is nearly perfect. Running south from Corpus Christi to South Padre Island, it is protected by a national wildlife refuge, a national seashore and the privately owned King Ranch. There is minimal development and endless habitat for redfish and a host of other aquatic species. The Laguna Madre also serves as important winter habitat for an astounding number of migratory birds, including 75% of all Redhead ducks.

While it might not be wilderness with a capital “W” the Laguna Madre is a wild place. The flats can be accessed by skiff, kayak, or wading; creating angling opportunities to match your budget and preferred fishing style. With calf deep water stretching to the horizon, only interrupted by tailing fish, you might think you are in the Bahamas. Combine the quality of the fishing with the ease of travel, and the Laguna Madre should be on the list of considerations for anyone planing a saltwater adventure.

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  1. Nice timing. I should be calf-deep in the mother lagoon about this time next week. Can’t wait to be back there again. A fine recommendation.

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