Wyoming Ain’t For Everyone

Yesterday I was risking sunburn and drinking gin and tonics. Today a chain law was in effect. Grouse about it all you want, but in Wyoming this is how it works. And it’s not just the weather. Wyoming is rough around the edges.

SBB_8460Going to the dump, chopping wood, spreading seed, cleaning the garage. The warm weather was used for chores. Hard falling snow, a parking lot that surely would be empty, a belly full with a hot breakfast The combination made the call of the river undeniable.



12 Comments on “Wyoming Ain’t For Everyone

  1. 1″ of fresh snow and 20 degrees this morning in Vermont. 75 degrees three days ago. Right there with you…

  2. I’m fascinated by the far shore in the header picture. Uniform black skulls, Darth Vadar masks, dark crypt beetles, decaying skeleton teeth. Rough around the edges, indeed.

    And yes, I’ve taken my meds.

  3. This blog has became one of my new favorites! From the fly-fishing to the hunting, to the dogs, there is not a single thing missing. I have been living in Laramie Wyoming now the past few years for college, and this post is dead on. Keep up the good work!

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