Falling Apart

Snagged on the second cast I break off my rig.

A tailing loop catches my indicator, creating a rats nest I can’t undo.

I clear ice from the guides for the tenth time.

Coils in my running line catch on a rock.

The trend continues all afternoon.

On occasion I have a day where my skills fail me and it all goes wrong. Maybe it’s the freezing temps, a lack of focus, or some sort of karma.

Needing to clear the guides for the 40th time I snap the tip off my rod.

I declare the day over.

The solace of a lifetime warranty and a friend who packed a little whiskey helped me end the day on a positive note.

5 Comments on “Falling Apart

  1. Yes I do have days like that! It’s at that point I put the rod down and take off my vest and take a break. I go look for Rocks and it gets me back on to focusing better and theirs no Pressure! I find after about an hour I’m all better and can continue to fish all focused up again. Hey it works for me.

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