Black and White

Pea soup fog slowly gave way to a vast expanse of asphalt grey water. It felt more like the Outer Banks than the flats of Texas’s lower Laguna Madre, let alone the turquoise waters of the Bahamas that many compare it to. Squinting into the darkness an occasional tail pierced the surface. Working to get into position, Houdini like disappearing acts or explosions of mud under the boat were the usual results.


Photos by Steven Brutger

Anglers are optimistic by nature. We have to believe that every cast may result in a fish. Yet enough experience will tell you that sometimes the deck isn’t stacked in your favor. You might pack it in, but more often the circumstances, combined with hope, lead you to relentlessly fish despite adverse conditions. What you can control is your level of focus, effort, and persistence. In short, keep trying hard.

SBB_1969The asphalt briefly became translucent. A glimpse of a single grey ghost, cruising slowly, provided an opportunity. Two false casts and line was in the air. In the moments before the fly reached it’s destination the ghost vanished. Concealed once again beneath water impenetrable to my eyes. Two slow strips, more out of habit than confidence, and the line came tight.


2 Comments on “Black and White

  1. Based on your other posts about this trip, it seems like it was a challenging one. But this sums it up beautifully. Trips like this are tough, but it makes us appreciate those ‘epic’ days even more. Very well put though, and I love the b/w.

    • Stephen, thanks for the thoughts and glad you like the images! Challenging conditions are part of the deal for sure, no regrets whatsoever!

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