Two Shot

Our eyes are at ground level as the sun creeps over the horizon. The sound of geese preparing to take flight permeates the morning air. Cold weather followed by a warm spell has led to near perfect conditions. This footage was taken during the weekend of The Two Shot Goose Hunt, a charity event held to benefit a wide range of programs in Goshen County, WY.

4 Comments on “Two Shot

  1. Nice geese! We didn’t get any this year, sadly. We barely saw any migrating during the season, and the ones we saw were at the very end, when early ice was forming on the lakes.

  2. Dang, that was awesome! If you could make them not taste like liver, I might even hunt some again.

    • I had forgone geese for that reason for sometime and forgot how fun they are to hunt! Now I’m stock piling the meat and planning on a big batch of waterfowl jerky.

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