Pheasants and Labs: Photo Essay

To a Lab nothing else matters once the smell of a rooster fills their nostrils.


These majestic birds display colors that are almost other worldly.

Photo by Steven Brutger

The bird is reward enough but a little petting is always appreciated.

Photo by Steven Brutger

All the attention goes to the head, but the subtle shades of turquoise and silver on the back should not to be missed.

For more check out Steven Brutger photography.

3 Comments on “Pheasants and Labs: Photo Essay

  1. I want to try pheasant hunting really bad. But Wisconsin’s pheasant population is extremely low. I’ve seen one pheasant in nearly three years of living here. I can remember seeing them running alongside the road back home in Illinois, but apparently the population there is dwindling, too. Mostly, pheasant hunting is done at hunt clubs now.

    • They are a ton of fun to hunt for sure! I don’t know much about the population/habitat in Wisconsin, but Wyoming certainly isn’t a hotbed for pheasants. Many of the places I like to hunt have relatively small numbers of wily, wild birds. I find it extremely rewarding to hunt them even though it results in few birds in the bag. Maybe you could find some similar places near you?

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