Long Shot

The opening monologue and imagery grabbed my attention…and held it. The film isn’t fast, flashy or full of big fish, but that’s what I like about it. Reflective and contemplative we are reminded why we fish.

Russ Schnitzer, part of the team at The Fly Collective, is a friend of ours who recently traded in his WY plates and moved to CO. He is missed in the Cowboy state, but clearly he has found some of the best CO has to offer in the form of suburban carp fishing. Now we don’t know much about suburbia, but we do love carp fishing.

While this film certainly gets to the heart of why more and more of us find ourselves chasing carp, even though world famous trout waters may be near by, it goes beyond that. It is character driven, and gives us an opportunity to be part of the story. Featuring Jay Zimmerman and Erin Block, we get a glimpse into their lives, passions and talents, which go well beyond fly fishing.

At nine minutes long it’s hardly a feature length film, but with 2-3 minute films flooding our screens these days this one is worth kicking back and enjoying while you sip your coffee.

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