STS Index: Freezer

The old english proverb states that the “Eyes Are the Window to the Soul”. What can you say about looking into someone’s freezer? A quick inventory of mine revealed a few interesting items:

  • One antelope head, that needs to be skinned and made into a european mount before long.
  • Two flats of raspberries, saved for baking and smoothies over the winter.
  • Three frozen pizzas, there should be a few of these in every freezer.
  • Four frozen jugs of water to put in coolers in place of cubed ice, as needed.
  • Nine pheasants; eight cleaned, one whole, to be used for retriever training.
  • Twenty pounds of antelope steaks, chops and sausage from this year.
  • Plenty of space in case I am lucky enough to get a deer or an elk later in the season.

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