STS Bar and Grill: The Gourds

If your going to be cooking you should have some tunes on. I’m not a music buff. Don’t know many bands. Trey and I weren’t buddies growing up and I never followed Ian Tyson around Alberta. But somewhere along the line I was introduced to The Gourds.

My affinity grew during a couple year stint in Missoula, while my wife was going to grad school. The Gourds love Missoula and Missoula loves The Gourds. A perfect marriage that twice a year led to the best live shows I’ve ever been to. Packed into the Other Side with a couple hundred of my closest friends, I’d dance so hard I think PBR was dripping directly off my brow.

Austin based, this hard to define, honky tonk, blue grass, rockish band, is known for incredible lyrics that are worth slowing down to listen to. After you’ve danced like crazy to them a few times of course.

They are the only band I have ever driven farther than across town to see. Best appreciated live, they are masters of the stage. But for a guy, with a family, who lives in the middle of Wyoming, I rarely travel far to see shows and they don’t come to me. So these days an old collection of CD’s, including a few bootlegs of some live stuff is what I’ve got.

Cranked up loud, I like to get my fist in the air, move my feet, maybe even play some air guitar, and do a host of other moves that probably look more like a seizure than anything resembling rhythm. When the Gourds are on not much else matters. Including the dinner I was thinking about cooking. Da Gourds bring it like few others.

To get started consider Blood of the Ram or Haymaker. And if you see them live, don’t ask for Gin and Juice.


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  1. One of my favorites. They were big while I was in school at UT. I guess my favorite song is Clear NIght. But I also love El Paso. I’m glad they have a following out West.

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