Family Drifting

The rise was visible down the bank, just into the shade under a russian olive. My two year old was hanging onto my leg and my wife was on the sticks. Our daughter was crouched on the cooler next to me. It was the first time our entire family had been in a drift boat together.

Working to keep my line out of my son’s hands, I laid down a cast into the fish’s feeding lane. A bit nervous on the oars, my wife was just getting into a rhythm. The boat matched the speed of the current. The drift was perfect. On cue the fish surfaced and inhaled the PMD.

The water erupted and so did our crew. The fight was on. Instantly, my daughter had the net at the ready. We were able to bring the healthy rainbow to the boat to take a closer look. Not every moment of the day went this smoothly. But we can choose how we want to remember it.

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