Here’s to Mothers

It shouldn’t take a holiday for us to raise our glass to the mothers in our lives, but they certainly deserve one. Giving birth is an impressive feat in itself and would be sufficient to warrant it’s own holiday. However, the cumulative amount of work, love and devotion that goes into raising a family in the years after is where I think the real merit for the occasion arises.

My own mother deserves a nobel prize for putting up with my brother and me over all the years. Even during those teenage years, when I was particularly unruly, my mom has never wavered in her support for her two boys. She continues to shower us with love, share that love with my children, and alway be there for us no matter the need.

My wife, the mother of our two children, is the one who keeps our ship sailing and the only reason our kids aren’t completely feral. Having both kids clinging to her leg at once yelling MOM drives her nuts, but there is a reason for it. She is an amazing mother. And the bond between mother and child is something not replicated by any other human experience.

Every big game season that goes by and does not end in divorce is a miracle. Fishing is tolerated and drinking scotch is even encouraged, sort of. The reality is, there are not many wives who are as supportive as mine. I am truly lucky. I would like to think that this support makes me a better father and it is all part of her strategic plan for being a great mother.

So fire off a twenty-one gun salute, raise a glass, break a rod or do whatever it is that seems appropriate and say thanks to all the mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day!


The Mother in Our House Photo by Steven Brutger

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